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This is Sparta!

While I'm not normally a big fan of militant totalitarianism, or rigid unwavering classism, I have a soft spot for Sparta. More to the point, Spartan women. Women in Sparta enjoyed a position of freedom and influence not seen again in the west until... I'm sure you'll get there eventually ladies. They were trained in combat (bow, spear and sword as well as wrestling and the Olympic sports) could hold office, own property, were entitled to inheritance, were in charge of the economy, and with the men preoccupied in their 'Rambo was a pussy' style of combat expertise, straight up ran the place. Not that they let their duties interfere with their fun. With daily exercise and training, chiefly traditional Greek wrestling, naked and covered with olive oil, their toned glistening bodies thrashing in the hot Mediterranean sun, their luxurious golden locks pinned out of the way... they were the talk of the classical world. Especially since that was the warm up for the nights of wild 'you don't know shit raver kid' tempestuous dancing, which in turn led to traditional Spartan wild lesbian orgies. This was both horrifying and peculiarly arousing for the more civilized, but outlandishly misogynistic Athenians. Over in Athens a woman might be permitted to leave the house to go shopping if properly chaperoned, Victorians in Togas essentially. Remember, Helen of Troy, the flash point for the Trojan War, (the greatest war in Greek history until the Peloponnesian war) was originally Helen of Sparta.

Marriage in Sparta was also a bit of a peculiar thing. Should a Spartan man manage to survive military training, as well as military service (instead of dying honourably as he should have) and actually make it to marrying age... it got odd. For now, a man in his thirties, he has sparsely even seen a women, living exclusively within the omnipresent military. Frankly, they were all about the hot, wild man on man man love between men. So the 'bride' would disguise herself as a man, go to a spot outside of town, and wait, sometimes for weeks or months before her 'husband' would show up in the dark, do the deed, and skulk off. Surprisingly, the biggest problem in Sparta was a population shortage.

Not only is Asylum Heights a quality comic based meat product, it's educational too! There's nothing better then history, because reality is always stranger then fiction.

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