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fiducial hamartia

Monday's comic this weeks is actually Tuesday's comic this week, as I wouldn't want to interfere with a long weekend containing two of my favorite holidays. The first being Columbus Day, a day traditionally celebrated by accosting strangers on the street and inundate them with the overwhelming inaccuracies and blatant stupidity of the modern Columbus mythology. (As I understand it.) I find it an enjoyable annual custom, and in its observance I am far from alone.

This Monday was also Canadian Thanks Giving up here in the super secret Arctic Ultra Doom Sphere Lab (worst acronym ever.) A holiday made ever more special by the minions finally killing the nuclear abomination that's been terrorizing Zeta Sector. So given the situation, we did what anyone would, stuffed it, and had roasted monstrosity. We whipped up the traditional dishes, let those MI5 super spies out of the shark cage, and we all joined together in friendship and harmony like in some super science Norman Rockwell painting... until the cold sweats and hallucinations kicked in.

It's important to take the time every now and then to really reflect on ourselves and take thanks for the things that are really important for us. Really significant things like our friends, our family, or the ability to pass off a super villain training camp as performance art. Personally, I'm truly thankful for the opportunity to live in a time and place where something like alien belly dancing to an original Klingon opera (be' joy' luqaSa) can actually exist.

Q'plah to all, and to all a good night. Truly, the world that surrounds us is both strange and magnificent.

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