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It seems as though I've hardly spent any time in the interwebbing tubes this summer. The net even discovered K-pop over the warmer months, and I completely missed the opportunity to capitalize on it. After all, there are certain emotions that can only be expressed in Korean.

Lets counts last weeks pages, one page, two pages, three pages. Three pages! Ha! Ha! Ha! As I had promised oh so very long ago, we're finishing off September with a couple of three comic weeks to get back on track and make up for some of those late posts during the summer. With any luck in the next couple weeks I can optimize the occasion to get back on schedule, and start adding additional pages on a regular basis to get this show moving. Come back tomorrow, get a comic.

My tiny blackened misanthropic heart has managed a complete beat of joy. John K, (creator of Ren and Stimpy, the Goddamn George Liquor show, and the Ripping Friends) has successfully crowd funded his new animated short, Cans Without Labels. Oh, callooh callay, I chortle, what a marvelous day. Kickstarter has jumped well past the basic funding requirements, but was still nowhere near enough to provide the world with a bonus Sody Pop cartoon trailer. I suppose it's too much to ask to have everything and a slice of cake. Though this may well be the start of something beautiful, perhaps even a grass roots supported Spumco Nouveau.

Oh, Sody, why are all the good girls painted lines?

(and be sure to check out Amy there, because, you know, Disney Princesses in Gotham. With a more useful Tumblr link to boot.)

Which brings us to another shocking twist in the world of professional new media, the bittersweet news from Channel Awesome; Doug Walker and company have formally announced the cancellation of easily my favorite web series, the Nostalgia Critic. While I am saddened to see it pass, the fact that it's being replaced by a bigger, snazzier show to take internet comedy serials to the next level, does soften the blow. Given that that level is eleven. So, I'd just like to say to Doug, Rob and company, that I'm eagerly awaiting the new show. There is that very special kind of love, like the love only a megalomaniacal super villain can have for internet comedians. Though the problem remains, with no Nostalgia Critic, and James still working on his movie, how am I supposed to stay distracted by partially remembered pop culture from my youth? I'll have no choice but to finish the ultra doom sphere, and blow up the planet. It's just, the deluxe model has so much more planet exploding capacity. Would you really like the planet to explode with anything less then a really ostentatious explosion? ... wait, I can enjoy the completely accurate adventures of the most beautiful human to ever exist, Kim Jong Un!

Made by animators who voluntarily left their families and refused payment due to their love of Kim Jong Un.

Starting in South Korean, zipping around the Pacific and coming to a rest in North Korea, that's how I roll. Oh, College Humor, if humanity is spared from the horrible ultra doom of the ultra doom sphere, it's because of you.

Site news, check. Pop culture references, check. Links to more talented people... check. That should do it, see you in 2117.

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