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Unlabelled Comics in a Can

Hey kids, just thought I'd let you know about the temporal wormhole that sucked the last weeks comics a month into the future! Quite incredible really, though thankfully I was able to find a gap in Olympic Beach Volleyball to travel into the future and retrieve both Thursday's and Monday's pages. I was worried that I may have just accidentally placed the wrong date on them, but the tech boys down in the applied doomsday technologies lab called it an "ID: Ten-T" error, so it must be fairly common.

Far more importantly however, I need to tell the world that my hero, John Kricfalusi, needs your help. A man we owe a debt of gratitude for giving us wonders like the greatest animated show of all time, Ren and Stimpy... and this Bjork video:

With the tragic loss of Spumco a few years ago, I was crushed. Now, the planets have aligned, and a new hope shines for a bright and glorious future, where our children can live free and happy! A hopeful future that we might achieve together with the help of Kickstarter.

With the support of the good people of the Internet, we, the sentient beings of the Universe could enjoy en entirely new animated short; Cans Without Labels. Please allow me to get out of the man's way:

Wait you fool! Before you go breaking your monitor trying to shove money into it, you should know that for a mere $10 000 pledge, you can actually be in the cartoon! Yes, that's right, you can be just a cool as Tenacious D. Once you're done mopping your blown mind off the wall, go ahead and give him your money. Halfway though the donation time, halfway to the goal. Why are you still here? What are you, an eediot?

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