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The Legendary Lost Comic of El Dorado.

It was bound to happen eventually, I missed an update, not late, not posted to the wrong day, but missed. That's what happens when you don't work ahead, a lousy work practice even for a hobby project. I've just been so heavily caught up doing a significant renovation these last couple of weeks that I've been slipping behind. I also ended up just a tad distracted by the recent addition of seventeen stitches in my leg (don't ask) so I ended up letting Thursdays page slip. So, the page for Thursday will now go up on Monday, and I'll run a three page week sometime in the near future when I have a floor again. Funny thing about floors, you never really think about them unless they go missing.

I'm calling a mulligan on this week, so let's just move on and go get some coffee.

Le café by pheneu_et_meleu

Mmmmmm, coffee. (Also, you'll know when I'm done, as I'll be returning to my regular duties of cramming even more poorly planned, free form, directionless written rambling with minimal proofreading into the overloaded internetting tubes. As is the way of my people.)

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