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Comparative Cultural Variations

Every July, our neighbors to the south in the grand ol' U S of A celebrate their nations hard won independence by blowing up as much of it as they can. Though just a couple days prior, we also celebrate the amalgamation of the British Imperial Dominion of Canada. With differing histories, and celebrations commemorating different things, there are some interesting differences between the two holidays. For one, here in Canada we still wave flags, and set off fireworks, but those are really just a distraction from the real purpose of Dominion Day; creating a giant atomic zombie clone of mad George the Third to brutally reconquer those naughty American colonies. Sure, Australia managed that giant atomic zombie clone of Queen Victoria a few years back, but as yet she's been caught up fighting in the mid pacific giant monster belt, there's still a solid chance for us to shine! Aren't cultural differences fascinating?

I also can't make any references to any sort of empire without mentioning...

Thankfully, there is one fan so bold, so noble, so determined, so pure of heart that they are willing to do what is needed to be done to give us the one thing we really want, an unadulterated copy of Star Wars. So, thank you Adywan for doing what George would never allow. Thank you, maybe now I can finally stop kicking myself for not getting that last edition VHS copy. Because, you know Star Wars.

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