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That, dear reader, is Pablo Picasso's Guernica featuring the X-Men courtesy of Theamat. I would highly recommend checking out the nerdtasticaly revised "The Son of Man" by Rene Magritte, featuring Power Girl. You know I just can't get enough of superheroes inserted into classical art.

For today's topic, we'll be looking into the comparative internal dichotomy that ideally exemplifies the core narratives and social ideology of nerd culture. If you'd prefer that in a less academic bullshitty sort of way; I have selected two videos to share with you that I feel demonstrate the two main sides of Geek culture. Over the last couple of decades, with the wide spread adoption of the world wide web, we have allowed ourselves to integrate and explore variant sub cultures and cultivate them to the point where I can legitimately use a descriptive term like "geek culture." Though, let's just skip the unrelenting blabbering about it I'm prone to, and get on with it. (After all, the function of academic writing is to reiterate your thesis as many times as possible with variant wording in order to fit in the requisite number of citations.)

Our first video was taken back in 2010 at Montclair Kimberly Academy, where an out of character Stephen Colbert interviews every bodies favorite astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. Covering topics ranging from Why there is something instead of nothing, the ethics of human/animal hybrids, the significance of science literacy, James Cameron and Martian farts. The actual interview starts at the 6:15 mark:

No, I don't think we can get enough of Dr. Tyson around these parts.

Our next video for intellectual comparison, is something that fits in a little better on this site, "Super Smash Burlesque. The Underground Peepshow, based out of Toronto, is an amateur gaggle of producers and performers that creates nerdtastic burlesque shows for the Toronto Underground Cinema and smaller geektorious shows about town. It's a bit harder to do things like that around here, what with the roving herds of Stephen Harpers grazing in the prairie.

If that's your cup of Romulan Ale there, be sure to check out some other productions like Marvelesque: A Marvel Themed Burlesque Show, The Evil League of Sexy: A Villains Themed Burlesque Show, and We Put the Spring in Springfield:A Simpsons Themed Burlesque Show.

Go ahead and enjoy that, I'm off to find more vague, ill-defined excuses to show more tits.

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