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Shit, man, I'm gonna be late for work again. That's the fifth time this week, and it's only Tuesday, man.

Whoah, shit, man, everything is, like, really real, you know, man? Just gimme a second, I've gotta go make everything o.k. There, that's much better. Thanks Neil DeGrasse Tyson! You're the best! Although, "o.k." is pretty good and all, it's still not awesome. Well, it's that magical time of late April, the perfect time to talk about weed so how about a bunch of weed strains named after people who've smoked with? Not quite there? What if said weed was smoked in a modified V.W. Bug R.V? More? Well, how about the weed, in the bug, with... the Avengers, only, the Avengers are Dinosaurs?

Awesome! We have achieved awesome! We are now cruising at an altitude of 27 kilo Awesomes, without a cloud in sight.

So where to from here? I'm mid way though a little site extra that I hope you hideous surface mutants will enjoy, and I hope to have that done and up before the end of the week. So anyone not attending some manner of comic book convention will have something to occupy themselves. In the meantime I guess I'll just "occupy" myself a little while carrying on with the Avengers. I was thinking, wouldn't it be really cool if they did make a dinosaur based superhero movie? I'd love to get really exited over an idea like that, only Theodore Rex keeps popping into my mind. I would never underestimate the power of stupid. Take a look at the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, they had to find some way to make that show less perfect, so they ruined the opening sequence, blocking out the awesome theme music for an idiotic narration that fills me with rageahol. So, instead of Dinosaurs, what if the Avengers just spent the entire movie boning? Yeah! That might work! In fact, look at that! They made that movie! In all fairness, I have got to give some respect to Axel Braun and company. The Batman parody they did a few years back was brilliant, and I don't mean that sarcastically. I would have actually mistaken it for the sixties Adam West Batman, were it not for the penises popping out. (I'm fairly certain I don't remember that from when I was a kid.) No disrespect to the Disney cronies, but I think the perverted parody may have more street geek cred:

"In this parody I wanted not only to showcase a more complete Avengers lineup than the one offered by the Hollywood movie, but also to do justice to some of their costumes like the blue/purple Hawkeye outfit that was inexplicably ditched by Joss Whedon in favor of a boring black one," said Braun of the film. "Oh, and Lexington Steele as Nick Fury is way more badass than Samuel L. Jackson."

Iron Man, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Hawkeye, and Thor team up with She-Hulk, Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel, Sharon Carter, The Scarlet Witch and Spider-Man to defeat the Hulk. Though I could not help but notice that once again, my beloved Janet is nowhere to be found. I am the only person on this planet with a crush on the Wasp?

Oh no! We're loosing Awesome! Quick! Look at this!

That's all I've got, go check out Guillaume Poux to keep a good awesome buzz going. Some more B-movie cheese, Pin-ups, and Tank Girl obviously. It's also appropriate with my perverted old man rambling about Disney that you must to check out this Cinderella. Oh you adorable little woodland creatures you!

Alright team, let's go smoke some weed! Sorry, let me phrase it like this; Let's Go Smoke Some Pot!

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