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In 1855 and later in 1923 apparently catfishes acted weird.

Well, the Oscars came and went again this year. That's all I've got. Good night folks!

Though, if Billy Crystal hosts one more Oscar, does he get a bonus statue? I'm far more interested in the upcoming Razzies! Who will dominate as the worst movie of the year? Will the grotesquely vapid yet so shallow as to be mono dimensional Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1? Or will the Lucasian shakycam masterpiece of Transformers: Dark of the Moon rule the night? Perhaps the ill conceived Jack & Jill has reminded us all why we made Adam Sandler cash in his street cred after water boy? The Razzies also let you in on who's a good sport and who takes themselves too seriously. Like when Halle Berry accepted her Razzie for worst actress thanks to Catwoman, with an Oscar in one hand and a Razzie in the other.

I think it's rather interesting, that as film becomes much more risk adverse, television has opted to become more daring and cinematic. Perhaps I should rephrase that to, 'certain producers have found success recently in attempting a more effective cross media aesthetic convergence.' I should want to avoid the dirty feeling that comes with associating "reality" programming and quality material. Actually, forget the whole thing, though I would like to say that what I'm most excited for this next year is not a film, or even a book, but a children's television show. That would be The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra. I has reservations about even seeing the first Avatar: The Last Airbender, what with it being made by Nickelodeon, a company that set out to destroy my living god, John K. But it did something, something so rare and elusive that I have likened it to the majesty of the elusive unicorn, something I had long ago forgotten was even possible. It told a story in an effective and creative manner. The time I saw Big Foot in my garage using the belt sander? Nowhere near as impressive as coming across a good story, told in an interesting way with believable characters.

The other thing I'm allowing myself some modicum of excited interest in, is the soon coming Avengers. So let's give D.C. a break and take a look at Marvel. With Avengers Lego to go along with all of the other tie-ins and promotions it would be hard to miss the new film coming out. But I don't really care about that. I have no doubt that it will be a thoroughly enjoyable, action packed adventure comedy popcorn movie. Marvel has its formula figured out, and it works, whatever, I'll like it. What I'm more interested in is the second season of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the fairly overlooked animated series. Apparently someone took the notion that 'putting some effort into your products will get you more mileage' seriously. In fact, for a super hero animated series aimed at kids, there's virtually no contempt for the audience. I haven't seen this level of caring about a script/not holding the audience in contempt since Batman The Animated Series (a.k.a. the best super hero show ever on TV.) More importantly, Earth's Mightiest Heroes also has something I found disappointingly (if expectedly) absent from the Hollywood offering, my favorite Avenger, Janet Van Dyne, The Wasp. Yes, I love the wasp, the oft forgotten Marvel B teamer who is only significant for having more costume changed then any two other superheroes. Sure the film already has so many lead characters they barely have time left for the plot, but she and Ant Man were founding members, damn it! Just think about it, Janet could be cast as someone cute and spunky like Mila Kunis, maybe Clea DuVall. But not only that, but with another female besides Scarlett Johansson there would be a theoretical possibility of a super hero movie actually passing the Bechdel Test!

That may be so bold, so mind boggling, that we may stop making jokes like this! But just because I can't leave D.C. alone, jokes like this! Though we shan't be getting into that right now, there is a solid eighty news posts about that. Should you feel inclined to expose yourself to some of the ludicrous distortions of gender in comics, go take a look at Escher Girls for a fine selection of rubber spined ass/boob poses. Personally, I'm not allowed to say anything about that, the hypocratic oath. I'd just be happy to have a bunch of guys sexualized and bouncing their dicks. I'm o.k. with this.So, if you, like me, just like good old fashioned cheesecake, there are plenty of other options and galleries to explore. However, if you're feeling really adventurous, you could go look at girls looking awkward in bikinis next to fossils! ....and I'm not talking about Keith Richards.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a Playboy space station waiting for me.

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