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Time Looking Forward Futurescope-o-Vision.

Greetings Asylum Seekers.

Well, won't you look at that, an entire year has gone by without so much as a peep. At least it's only a terrestrial year, if we were talking about a Jovian orbital cycle, well, that'd be just sad. So with it being New Years and all, it's time to start talking about a total overhaul of the Gregorian Calendar! With a significant adjustment in the start date to boot... would it not be far more grand to say we live in the year 12012? It has such a nice ring to it.

So I guess that was everything I had to say, so, so long everybody! See you all again next year!

That is, unless you want more comics.
That sweet sweet taste of Asylum Heights, mental Ambrosia, alleyway crack for your neocortex. Yes, after a small hiatus I am back home, and ready to do some overly elaborate doodling. So starting off in 2012, the final beginning begins finally. Thus, the question lingers, will it be Asylum Heights that causes the Mayan God Quetzalcoatl to return to the Earth? Yes, yes it is, conspiracy nuts, enjoy your answer. I just need a couple of weeks to draw some pages, shake out all of the ol' website cobwebs and tumbleweeds, dig out my drafting table from free roaming junk, maybe even find my notes. A silly thought as it may be; We are talking about a simple story about a boy, and a girl, and their trans-dimensional psychonautical exploration of the multiverse... Shit, you can hardly fling a Lawyer out of a Trebuchet without hitting a few of those.

I'm going to go whip up a couple pin ups or something to shake some rust off, so expect some random bits like that coming up soon, with a proper page one, chapter one coming about probably at the start of February. Which would put me right back on schedule; If you were to grab some correctional fluid and white out the bit of your computer monitor everywhere I said "2011" and make it "2012" that is. Easy, problem solved.

There is also just so much to talk about; new alt comics, superhero film reboots, and the D.C. New 52. If you haven't read any of those yet, my mission to desecrate the comic book code is no longer necessary.

O.k.Now I have a need to throw in something really cool, awesome up this dead party... Ah, here we go:

And be sure to check out if you thought that was as awesomazing as I do.

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