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Personal Status Update...

Greetings Asylum Seekers,

So, what is up? Comics? Something? It's been a few weeks, I've got no updates, no news, not much of anything. I haven't had time to make any cartoony filler or such. What have I had time for? Well, driving, lots and lots of driving. To fill you in, vague population of the internet, I've been up in Edmonton looking after my grandmother and schizophrenic uncle, doing all of the household activities... then driving back to Calgary to blow glass, get my own house in order, then back north again. Back and forth. Conveniently it turns out that the classic rock stations for Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton are all right next to each other, so that's nice. It's a little bit of an adventure though, as the weather has been shit and my little Taurus, aside from being an American car (F.O.R.D. fix or repair daily) is only a few birthdays behind me. It's barely held together by will power and luck. Which still beats out my mom's car, which would disintegrate the second it were ever washed.

So that's what's up with the Asylum Heights free online graphic novel experience... no change. But keep checking back, I'm just itching to get cracking on Asylum Heights part one, Heroes, Demons & Lunatics. No idea how long this is going to take, so in the mean time be sure to go check out the old classic Asylum Heights and my youtube channel for exciting fun with molted lava!

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