Asylum Heights
Main Characters
The AnarchyMan.

Name: Ricky (Richard) Quincy Nixon.
A.K.A. Biggie Fattie.

The infamous AnarchyMan is the iconic super hero of a new generation. Not one who thrashes about causing unprecedented damage to private property in the mad pursuit of petty criminals; but a super hero in the more lazy, tax exempt legal loophole sort of way. Four years ago Ricky Nixon was an undergraduate student at the Canada City College of Art, when a freak occurrence changed his life forever. For reasons unknown to him, he became the smartest human being to have ever lived, for a few weeks. The experience scarred his mind jumbling it beyond recognition, leaving him with only a scattering of partially completed inventions beyond his understanding, and an official international superhero licence for 'The AnarchyMan.' The AnarchyMan suffers from an unstable personality, sometimes calm and logical, sometimes irrational and violent, always trying to smooth out a jumble of disjointed ideas and half memories by being constantly as wasted as possible. The AnarchyMan's constant companion is Mr. Shroom, a fragment of his personality manifest as an angry mushroom hallucination.


Name: Michelle Juliette Bouchard.
A.K.A.Mockingbird Girl, Mighty Mouse.

Michelle was born in a small town in Quebec, but left home to live with her aunt Jacqueline in Canada City when she was seventeen. Tragically the day she arrived was the day her aunt and uncle's relationship fell apart. Having offended her parents and standing alone on a sidewalk with nowhere to go, Michelle happened across an unlikely saviour, a young raver chick named Stephanie. Steph's parents took in Michelle as though she was their own daughter and the girls began to think of each other as such. Moving out together at the end of high school they found a small, foul smelling apartment near the centre of town in a little building called Asylum Heights. Michelle was a photography student at the Canada City College of Art until the program was taken over by Damien Darkraven, the most egotistical asshole to ever pompous themselves around the art scene. Brilliant and creative her collected composure and elfin frame hides away the fiery ball of fury that rages at her heart. Forever striving to be a feminine island of tranquility as the waves of madness crash about her, her parents, her roommates, the world at large, they're all completely crazy. It's little wonder she smokes a pack a day.


Name: Stephanie Yvonne Halliwell.
A.K.A. Cherry Blossom Girl.

Stephanie is such a good little girl her mother would say, and at one time it was true. Born in the outer suburbs of Canada City she enjoyed a white washed, plastic wrapped childhood. Ballet, pep squad, the smart little social butterfly was the embodiment of the good girl. That is until moving into Asylum Heights with (her unofficially adopted sister) Michelle. Turn on, tune in and drop out. Disgusted with the rampant stupidity and uselessness of the real world, coupled with an inability/reluctance to hold down a real job, Steph began following the philosophy of the AnarchyMan. Working is for people not smart enough to cheat, drugs make life better, and sex is a tool that gets you whatever you want. Eventually Stephanie managed to convince Michelle to move down into apartment 2B with the AnarchyMan, Steve Savage and Dwain so she could afford to live as a small time pot dealer. Freeing up time to do what turns out to be her real passions in life, weed, skateboarding, and cheesy sitcoms. Steph does her best to maintain an illusion of belligerent confidence to hide that she's really just a soft, scarred, sweetheart at her core.

The AnarchyBot.

Name: William Buxley McKenzie.
A.K.A. Tin Man.

Bill was the AnarchyMan's roommate at the Canada City College of Art. A jovial, pothead sculpture student, he loved pranks and jokes above anything else in life. The only one to see the potential for Ricky's inexplicable new understanding of the world, he set to work helping him create bizarre new inventions. Bill was horrifyingly killed when a potential infinite energy source (one that managed to pull energy from seemingly nowhere by magnifying particular brainwaves) exploded and tore his body to shreds. Distraught over having killed his only friend, the newly dubbed AnarchyMan rebuilt his roommate into a cybernetic monstrosity, the AnarchyBot. The AnarchyBot was built using the same technology that killed him, an infinite power generator that uses the brainwave patterns of being really, really stoned to access the power of a higher dimension. The infamous 'toke capacitor' that can turn a few grams of weed into enough power to light a city. There is essentially nothing left of Bill in teh floating brain powering the AnarchyBot, but the neural tissues have grown into the mechanisms that run the robot, turning it into a hybrid intelligence, part machine, part human, part transdimensional transcended being. Unfortunately the AnarchyMan no longer has the ability to repair him, as such the AnarchyBot can only communicate with recorded clips, mostly lifted from television.


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