Asylum Heights
Dave the Cat
Dave the Cat

Creator of Asylum Heights

Dave the Cat was born before the fall of Atlantis in the age of Krull. However, there was no television then, and it became excruciatingly boring on Tuesday nights. Striking a deal with the seven insane gods what rule the Universe for their own perverted pleasure, Dave was reborn into a distant magical time of 3/4 sleeves, stonewashed jeans, slap bracelets, blue eye shadow, hoop earrings, Trivial Pursuit, and Hightop sneakers.

Dave was born naked, wet and unable to fend for himself, but was thankfully able to overcome most of these obstacles later in life. Endlessly wandering from one profession to the next Dave has gained near mastery of a vast array of financially hopeless fields. However with combined passions for drawing and malevolent public ridicule, it was an easy transition, re-transition, and re-re-transition to the fine art of cartooning. That is, when not offering virgin blood sacrifices to Crom, the fiery, uncaring mountain god of steel what answers no prayer.

Dave the Cat is an Absurd Cynic Philosophist, a semi-professional Hobologist, and a freelance Cultural Revolutionary. When not befouling the greater academic and cultural landscape, Dave can often be found engaging in his favorite pastime, physically occupying a determinate, finite region of space-time.


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