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Asylum Heights, the online graphic novel experience; chronicling the quixotic misadventures of a group of stoned bohemian anarchists as they bumble through space, time and parallel dimensions with a decrepit apartment building.

This comic contains mild nudity, violence, coarse language, subversive ideology and blatant violations of the natural laws of physics. It should not be read by children, the elderly, or anyone.

Asylum Heights is updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (Though I reserve the rite to change that at any time.)

What is Asylum Heights?

Asylum Heights is a webcomic (or free online graphic novel) created in 2003 by Dave the Cat, that received a gritty modern reboot in 2010. The comic is based on characters created by Dave the Cat in 1997 for a series of indi press xeroxed rag comics that ran from 1999 to 2002; "The Astonishingly Ambivalent Anarchy Man!", "One Apocalypse! One Anarchy Man!", "Planes, Trains and Anarchy Men!", "Damn You Anarchy Man!", "Who the Fuck is the Anarchy Man?!" and "The Boy Who Cried Anarchy Man!" The print comic featured a revolving series of villains ranging from Bill Gates and the Zombie of Frank Sinatra to Ignorranto; popper of the pimple of reason! and R-7; the vengeful vending machine of vengeance.

If you really want to know about Asylum Heights just take a look at the Plot, Characters, or better yet, just start reading it! ... you could also go all the way back to 2003, if you really want.

The Evolution of the AnarchyMan.

What's it all about then?

Asylum Heights, the free online graphic novel experience really comes back to pulp fiction and alternative comix. Pulp (that is the genre not the movie by Quentin Tarantino) was based around pure titillation to distract from the less then thrilling real world, an unapologetic smattering of sex, violence and adventure. Comix arose out of the counter culture revolution of the sixties and seventies; their intent being to hold up a fun house mirror to modern civilization, and reveal its true nature through hyperbole and distortion. Somewhere betwixt the two lies Asylum Heights, a distorting self analysis of the bizarre futuristic distopia we live in, wrapped in a tasty coating of gratuitous sex and violence. Sure there's a bit of philosophy and the questing of the nature of reality and consciousness, but not so long as it interferes with the whole sex and violence thing... and coarse language. I have a copy of the comic book code, the ruling doctrine of the golden age of comics; in Asylum Heights from the first book (Heroes, Demons and Lunatics) to the last (Apocalypse) I will not be satisfied unless I have crossed off every violation in the code.

Is Asylum Heights Safe for Work?

I've always had trouble with this sort of question, really, what does that even mean? I think this is the worse way to categorize things on the net. Wouldn't that first be a question of what is suitable for your work environment? I think there would be a fair diference between what is aceptable at Big Eddy's Porno Emporium and the local day-care. ...and really what the hell are you doing looking at comics during work? Hey! Fire this slacker! They're looking at comics instead of working! Fire them now! You lousy slacker comic looker atter you!

Asylum Heights is Awesome, it Hardly Even Sucks! How Can I Help?

Simply, my very dear friend you! All that I ask is if you could help spread the word to other like minded lunatics. If you like it, go ahead and add a link to your website/blog/facebook page/online collection of house pets in fetish gear. If you're really adventurous, you could use the official Asylum Heights banner:


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